Whether your child is in 3rd grade or 12th grade, we know exactly what steps they need to take to reach their ultimate academic goal: entrance to top colleges!


For every student, there are three key components to gaining admission to your dream college: a compelling and competitive college application, an academic transcript full of high grades and challenging courses, and top scores on admission tests such as the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject, or AP exams.


And MEK can guide your child every year, every step of the way, with our proven test prep, expert guidance, and courses tailored to help students reach academic excellence.


Test Prep

We teach students how to master test content, build test-taking skills, and ultimately earn top, elite scores on college admission exams.

Expert Guidance

Our expert academic counselors know exactly what it takes to earn admission to elite colleges. We help students map out their school courses, plan their test preparation, create stellar college application essays, and complete polished, competitive college applications from start to finish.

Academic Excellence

From 3rd to 11th grade, we offer academic enrichment courses that help students become top performers in the classroom, earn exemplary GPAs, and master advanced academic skills.



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