BCA Prep: Starting in the 5th Grade

BCA Prep: Starting in the 5th Grade

The application requirements for the Bergen County Academies and Bergen Tech are…

  • Residence in Bergen County
  • Being in 8th grade at the time of application
  • Submission of 6th and 7th grade transcripts
  • Submission of report card from the 1st marking period of 8th grade
  • Entrance Exam (English and Math)
  • Interview
  • Letters of Recommendation from English, Math, and Science teachers

Applicants are evaluated based on these requirements, as well as school district quotas.

Because students’ application requirements start with the 6th grade transcript, the prep journey actually starts in the 5th grade, as students prepare for the upcoming year. Read the following resources to find out how to make the most of the early prep journey, and what BCA Prep looks like at MEK Review!

Starting Early

MLC Writing & Common Core State Standards

MLC Math & Common Core State Standards

MLC Critical Reading & Common Core State Standards

BCA Prep at MEK Review

MEK Review Success: 49 Students Accepted into Bergen County Academies!

2021 Bergen County Academies Prep Webinar: FAQs

How BCA Prepared Me For College

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