MLC Writing & Common Core State Standards

MLC Writing

MLC Writing & Common Core State Standards

MEK Learning Circles: Writing

How it helps students master Common Core State Standards

Our MLC Writing program for 4th-8th graders puts students in small groups with an expert teacher to help them master writing skills. Our program is especially designed to align with Common Core State Standards so students can excel in the classroom.

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#1. MLC Writing Curriculum

MLC Writing is aligned with both the Common Core Standards and the NJ State Standards in a variety of ways.

The course focuses on the foundations of essay writing. Expert educators teach students how to write persuasive, explanatory, and narrative essays based on writing prompts. Each of these essays follows the five paragraph structure with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

MLC Writing students also learn how to apply the standard conventions of English grammar and usage to their essays. Teachers utilize different grammar notes and exercises during each class that are based on the CCSS.

By the end of MLC Writing, students are able to complete the entire essay process from brainstorming ideas to polishing their finished product.

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#2. MLC Writing Structure

MLC Writing teaches students CCSS-aligned standards through the meticulous design of the writing class structure.

The classes meet twice weekly in the summer and once weekly in the fall and spring.

Students receive a prompt during class. They brainstorm how to respond to the prompt with their teacher. The teacher then gives the students time to finish their first draft either in class or as homework.

Once the students complete their first drafts, they submit their work to their teachers. Their teacher grades their essay and offers individualized feedback. 

During the next class, the teacher may give a specific lesson on grammar or writing that the students will use to revise their first drafts. Students must write a final draft of their essay either in class or for homework. Teachers grade the finished product.

Through these techniques, MLC Writing provides optimal guidance for students both in and out of the classroom through practice and feedback.

#3. Why MLC Writing Works

MLC Writing courses engage students in the learning process.

Smaller class sizes mean more individualized attention. Teachers encourage students to ask questions, which leads to lively discussion. Students receive specific feedback on every draft of their essay geared toward their academic mastery.

Teachers tailor their instruction for the needs of each student. Whole group lessons may focus on writing skills, brainstorming how to tackle an essay prompt, or reviewing a particular revision issue that the entire class is struggling with.

Over the course of the learning experience, students build a strong foundation for essay writing, become comfortable with the writing process, and gain confidence in their written voice.

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