MEK Tutoring Programs: Week 5 Feedback

MEK Tutoring Programs: Week 5 Feedback

Our Tutoring Program is one of our most highly monitored programs, to ensure that each one-on-one session between teacher and student is effective and engaging. To guarantee the quality of learning for each student, we conduct feedback surveys with the following goals in mind:

  1. To assess the effectiveness of the MEK Tutoring Program
  2. To determine satisfaction and points of improvement
  3. To evaluate the level of engagement in the virtual one-on-one setting


Keep reading to see what our Tutoring students have to say about our Academic Enrichment and School Support Tutoring programs!

MEK Tutoring Programs

About MEK Tutoring Programs

The MEK Tutoring Programs are split into three main curricula: Academic Enrichment, School Support, and Private Exam Prep Tutoring. They target a large range of students, from students who are falling behind in the classroom to students who want to get ahead. The Programs are characterized by a highly systematic approach, supported by a dedicated administrative team and regular rigorous scrutiny. Through our tutoring program, our goal is that every student receives the instruction and support that they need, for each exam, assignment, and new concept.

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Student Feedback

Question 1: How would you rate your satisfaction with your tutoring arrangement?

Pie Chart Showing Satisfaction Ratings for Tutoring Programs

We are so pleased to see that all of our students are satisfied to highly satisfied with their tutoring sessions! Our Tutoring Department works tirelessly to make sure that each student is cared for with the utmost attention, and we are glad that our students feel cared for.


Question 2: How would you describe your engagement in your tutoring sessions?

Pie Chart Showing Engagement Level Ratings for Tutoring Programs

Classroom engagement is one of our biggest concerns when it comes to the virtual one-on-one setting. Without a high level of engagement, the hour that students spend with their tutors become counterproductive, which is what we work to avoid. To keep the engagement level high, the MEK Training and Development team closely works with each tutor to make sure that the teaching style is one that will keep students interested and engaged for a full hour. We also continuously develop our teaching materials to present a variety of assignment types to students.


Question 3: How easy has it been to use the following online platforms?

Pie Charts Displaying Ease of Use for Virtual Platforms for Tutoring Programs

The Zoom and Google Classroom platforms are extremely instrumental in our tutoring process. In the age of the online classroom, we depend on these platforms for live virtual sessions and communication between sessions. We are glad that students are not having difficulty with these platforms, so they can fully focus on the tutoring session!


Question 4: How helpful has your tutor been in regards to the following aspects?

Pie Chart Showing Tutor Helpfulness Ratings in Tutoring Programs

Our tutoring sessions are highly geared toward classroom success. By helping students master concepts that they have difficulty with in the school classroom, and by pushing them to get ahead of their classmates, students perform better on school assignments and participation. This means that they obtain the confidence and tools to master more advanced topics and become a top student!


Join in on the learning!

We have just opened our on-site Tutoring Suites at our Closter Campus! Take a break from virtual learning and join us for on-site tutoring!

To ensure the safety of each student, we have implemented the following safety measures:

  • Hospital-grade air handling system that ensures continuous ventilation
  • UV air sterilization system located in our HVAC system
  • Staggered scheduling to prevent crowding
  • Enclosed tutoring suites
  • Health and safety procedures for staff, students, and parents, in compliance with CDC guidelines


We have also implemented the following measures, specifically for the Tutoring Suites:

  • Tutoring Suites are divided by glass partition between tutor and student to provide for visible instruction, supported by an intercom system for clear communication with the teacher–all with no contact!
  • Each Suite houses individual air vents for the teacher and the student that are continuously filtered and sanitized, ensuring that the teacher and student are not exposed to the same air as one another.
  • Tutoring Suites are encased in sound-isolating glass, ensuring minimal distractions and allowing for students and teachers to simply focus on the lesson at hand.


At MEK, our mission is to provide safe and effective instruction for all students, so they can succeed in the classroom and beyond.

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Jaehee Ahn

Jaehee Ahn is MEK Review's Director of Academic Counseling Services and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. She is also an alumnus of MEK Review's SAT Prep program. If you have any questions about our College Counseling programs or wish to set up a consultation, you can email Jaehee at


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