MEK Review Opens On-Site Tutoring Suites!

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MEK Review Opens On-Site Tutoring Suites!

Phase II of MEK Review’s Response to COVID-19 and Virtual Learning

Closter, NJ: On November 3rd, 2020, MEK Tutoring Suites will be open at the Closter Campus!

Our campus at 40 Homans Ave., Closter, NJ has been under construction since July 2020, and on October 1st, we opened the first phase of our COVID response: the individualized Testing Pods.

The second phase of our COVID response opens for November, with the addition of the Tutoring Suites and the return of in-person learning with safety measures in place!

These safety measures include:

  • Hospital-grade air handling system that ensures continuous ventilation
  • UV air sterilization system located in our HVAC system
  • Staggered scheduling to prevent crowding
  • Enclosed tutoring suites
  • Health and safety procedures for staff, students, and parents, in compliance with CDC guidelines


These innovative suites are designed to provide all the benefits of a one-on-one in-person instruction, but with necessary and state-of-the-art safety measures for both the student and the teacher.  

  • Tutoring Suites are divided by glass partition between tutor and student to provide for visible instruction, supported by an intercom system for clear communication with the teacher–all with no contact!
  • Each Suite houses individual air vents for the teacher and the student that are continuously filtered and sanitized, ensuring that the teacher and student are not exposed to the same air as one another.
  • Tutoring Suites are encased in sound-isolating glass, ensuring minimal distractions and allowing for students and teachers to simply focus on the lesson at hand.


At MEK, our mission is to continue to offer solutions, innovations, and expert guidance to lead our students to academic excellence. Safety is our first priority, and quality education is our main mission. In a time when students are exhausted by 8-hour days interacting through a computer, the Tutoring Suites are a solution to bring in-person instruction back, safely.

Here what our students have to say about coming back on-site for Phase I, on-site testing:

  • “This was perfect, I felt no discomfort, and I had enough space, with doing well social distancing.”
  • “This place is safe and clean as it could get.” 
  • “Testing on-site made me feel more focused and comfortable while taking my test than I would have felt taking it at home. I really like the experience and there were minimal distractions. I feel safe when I am here and feel that the necessary sanitary guidelines have been perfectly met.”


If you’re looking for a change of pace from virtual learning, but with all of the rigorous safety measures and proven MEK one-on-one instruction, look no further than the Tutoring Suites at Closter.

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