AP Prep: MEK’s Teaching Team for Spring 2024

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AP Prep: MEK’s Teaching Team for Spring 2024

AP Prep: MEK’s Teaching Team for Spring 2024

This Spring, MEK is all about AP Course and Exam Prep!

We’re offering small group classes and one-on-one tutoring for a variety of AP courses designed to help your child ace their challenging AP classes and earn a 5 on the AP exam in May. All of our AP Exam Prep courses are aligned with the CollegeBoard objectives and standards for AP instruction. And our one-on-one tutoring programs are based on your child’s current or future AP course syllabus, current class curriculum, and individual academic needs and goals.

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Let us introduce you to our expert AP Teaching Team for Spring 2024 and check out our small group classes and private tutoring opportunities!

Meet the AP Team

Minjae Park

Group Classes: AP Physics 1 | AP Physics 2 | AP Physics C | AP Computer Science A

Private Tutoring: AP Physics 2 | AP Physics CAP Computer Science Principles | AP Computer Science A

As a Math & Science Teacher, Minjae works primarily with the Tutoring department. He is a student favorite, with his effective and engaging teaching strategies.

Rachel Erwin

Group Classes: AP U.S. History | AP Language & Composition

Private Tutoring: AP U.S. History | AP Language & Composition | AP English Literature & Composition

Rachel is an influential leader on the Exam Prep team. She teaches College Test Prep, H.S. Test Prep, and College Application Essays. Within the English Department, she serves as a leader for the Exam Prep team, working diligently to ensure all students’ success. With her clear and systematic approach to teaching, she helps students make huge improvements.

Nicholas Lang

Group Classes: AP Chemistry | AP Calculus AB | AP Calculus BC

Private Tutoring: Available by request

Nick is an enthusiastic teacher devoted to helping students reach their academic goals and enjoying learning along the way. He teaches School Support math and science tutoring, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Physics, and MAPC – Competition Math.

Jacqueline Gooch

Jacqueline Gooch

Group Classes: AP Biology

Private Tutoring: AP Biology

Jacqueline is a skilled science teacher with over 13 years of experience in teaching high school students. At MEK Review, she teaches virtually, using her signature enthusiasm and dynamic teaching methods to nurture a lifelong love of learning in her students.

Justin Kim

Justin Kim

Group ClassesAP Statistics

Private Tutoring: Available by request

Justin has been teaching with MEK since early 2023. His experience with math and science topics make him a versatile educator, and his approach to teaching is both analytical and fair. He encourages students to take autonomy of their education through practice and diligence beyond the classroom.

Get Started

Our expert AP instructors are excited to work with you this Spring in our small group classes and one-on-one tutoring sessions! With customized plans, specialized support, and rigorous instruction, you’ll learn the skills and strategies for ultimate AP success!

And with classes starting this January, now is the perfect time to register.

Check out AP Course & Exam Prep Programs page for more information.

Contact us at mekreview@mekreview.com or call us at +1 (855) 346-1410 to get started today!


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