On-site Testing is Open!

On-site Testing is Open!

On-site Testing is open!

Closter, NJ: MEK Review has completed renovations on our 40 Homans Avenue, Closter, New Jersey campus to ensure a safe place for students’ to take practice tests in a realistic and distraction-free testing environment.

The newly renovated campus includes:

  • Hospital-grade air handling system that ensure continuous ventilation
  • Circulating air sterilization by UV Light in our HVAC system
  • Enclosed individual glass testing pods for students
  • Completely overhauled campus design that eliminates any areas of crowding, ensures social distancing, and minimizes risks to students
  • Staggered testing times
  • New on-site health and safety procedures for our staff, students, and parents


Individual enclosed glass testing booths

Newly designed lobby

Throughout 2020, MEK Review is offering group test prep and academic enrichment classes through live virtual sessions using Zoom Education platform. These virtual learning classes will continue for the safety and health of all students.

However, with these renovations students can take advantage of the enormous benefits of on-site testing while remaining safe. Such as:

  • Improving focus and reducing distractions
  • Taking the test in a realistic and professionally proctored environment
  • Reducing test-day anxiety and test-day score fluctuations
  • Boosting scores faster and more efficiently

This campus overhaul is part of MEK Review’s mission to always offer innovative, cutting-edge, and quality learning and preparation no matter the circumstances. In the next phase of renovations due to be complete mid-October, we will also offer Tutoring Suites – enclosed one-one-one tutoring areas that eliminate any direct contact between student and teacher while still allowing for interactive and productive sessions.

Be the first to take advantage of our on-site testing pods by signing up for a on-site practice SAT test for just $50!

Learn more details about our newly renovated on-site campus and other 2020 test prep solutions by clicking here.

You can also call us at 855-346-1410 or contact us here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Testing booths are completely sanitized after each use.


Each testing pod has two vents. One that returns air from the testing pod and is purified through our hospital-grade air ventilation system and the other vent that gives off sanitized, clean air.

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