Press Release: BCA/BT Entrance Exam Date Change

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Press Release: BCA/BT Entrance Exam Date Change

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The Bergen County Academies and Bergen Tech have released today, September 14th, 2023, their official entrance exam dates: December 9th and 10th, 2023. This exam date is four weeks before the expected exam date of January 6th and 7th, 2024. With this change, students’ test prep timelines have been shortened by 4 weeks—essential time for students to make drastic improvements in their scoring patterns and their admissions results.

Despite this change, however, MEK Review is determined to deliver the same, if not better, results.

There are 4 major pillars that hold our BCA/BT Prep Program to its value:

      1. Course material and curriculum, perfected over 24 years
      2. Course placement shuffle based on student performance throughout the program, creating shorter and more obtainable milestones for students
      3. Two-phase structure: Phase 1 for content mastery, and Phase 2 for test strategy and competition training
      4. Semester-end boot camp, ramping up the course rigor during the days right before the official test


These pillars will continue to be the pillars that structure our program.

Course Material & Curriculum

Both English and Math classes will maintain their 18-session structure.


Students will have two classes per week between September 30th and October 25th, instead of their usual one class per week. These weekly extra classes will have a special focus on the application essay, and will take place in a virtual setting to ensure that students are able to attend. This will also allow them to be ready to submit their application by early November.


In a similar way to the English class structure, students will have two classes per week in the month of November. The schedule for these 4 additional days will be released on September 16th to students enrolled in the BCA/BT Prep Program.


In making these changes, MEK Review is maintaining the lectures, simulation tests, and course materials that make the BCA/BT Prep Program so successful.

Course Placement Shuffle

The course placement shuffle is an element that exponentially pushes student progress. By placing shorter and more obtainable milestones for students every 3 weeks, the MEK teaching team is able to provide students with individualized teaching and learning approaches based on their scoring profiles. This aspect of the program remains the same, despite the shorter test prep timeline.

Two-Phase Structure

The two-phase structure allows students to learn the test content fully before they move onto testing strategy and mindset. This way, students are able to build a strong foundation of understanding that they can apply to their testing at a moment’s notice. This two-phase structure will also remain; Phase 1 will be 6 weeks long, and Phase 2 will be 7 weeks long.

Semester-End Boot Camp

The Semester-End Boot Camp has previously taken place during the last week of December, during the Holiday season. This way, students can maintain their test prep intensity during the time in which they are most prone to loosen up and lose momentum.

This year, the Semester-End Boot Camp will take place between December 1st and 8th, to align with the test date. During this time, students will make their final test prep push toward the test. This schedule will be based on placement, so students are asked to keep this week open in their schedule.


MEK Review is committed to student growth and success. Despite the changes, MEK will be delivering the same quality and value that we have been committed to since 1997. And in doing so, we are confident that our students will be more successful than ever before.

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