Spring 2022: What’s New for Grades 4-8?

Spring 2022: What’s New for Grades 4-8?

 In 2021, we introduced many new elements to the MEK program–elements that we added in confidence that they would make MEK more MEK-like. Amidst the prolonging of the COVID-19 pandemic, we brought students back on-site to alleviate fatigue. To manage our virtual classes better, we implemented Canvas.

But we realized this Fall that that was simply not enough. We realized that maybe we need to rethink the MEK way. And in doing so, redefine ourselves for the new normal.

The new normal doesn’t just consist of the normalization of remote work and learning and going to school in a mask. The new normal is shortened attention spans, lower retention of learned material, and weakened problem-solving skills.

This Spring, in our 25th year, MEK is catering to the new normal so that we can provide guidance to students of all skill levels. We will provide guidance, direction, and support to all students who need MEK.


As part of our renewed approach, we are launching new programs for various grades this Spring!

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MEK Learning Circles Enriched / Advanced

Our Spring Offerings

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MEK Learning Circles: Enriched / Advanced | Grades 4-8


MLC Enriched (MLC-E)
In-Person, Small Group Classes
Palisades Park and Closter Campuses


MLC-E follows the same curriculum as our usual MLC courses, with a key addition: enrichment of essential study skills in an in-person setting.

Students meet in groups of 3-6 to not only build key material learning, but also relearn the classroom skills they forgot during the pandemic, reinforced in the in-person setting:

  • Communication skills: listening closely, making eye-contact, dictating clearly
  • Study skills: annotation and note-taking
  • Classroom skills: staying focused for the entire class time without computer or phone distractions


MLC-E classes will have limited availability so that we can ensure the safety of our students. If you are interested in the program, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to have priority standing in our waitlist!

MLC Advanced (MLC-A)
Virtual, Small Group Classes


Building test-taking skills requires students to have a higher understanding of school topics, through which they have greater confidence to make quick decisions while taking tests. MLC-A will set the foundation for standardized testing skills through enhanced problem-solving and interpretation questions.

Students will meet virtually in groups of 4-8 to…

  • Learn problem interpretation skills to solve word problems
  • Learn how to set up problems to quickly and accurately solve them
  • Practice verbal skills through analogies and sentence completions
  • Gain exposure to a variety of reading prompts and reinforce reading comprehension through annotation
  • Develop effective study routines


Students who complete this course will have completed the first essential step to SSAT or ISEE Prep. 

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Our Spring Offerings | Grades 4-8

In addition to our new classes, we are continuing to offer our popular Spring offerings, listed below! Indicate your interest in the programs below to get priority standing on our waitlist!

  • Pre-High School Prep
  • MEK Learning Circles
    • Critical Reading, Writing, Vocabulary
    • Problem Solving Math, Operations & Number Sense
  • Mr. Ahn’s Perfect Circle: Competition Math


  • MEK Tutoring Programs
    • Private Test Prep
    • School Support Tutoring
    • Academic Enrichment


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Our Spring session begins on January 11th, 2022. Registration starts on November 13th! Register by January 8th to save up to 20% on Spring courses.

Ann Ahn

Ann Ahn is the backbone and the spirit of MEK Review. Families know her not just as an expert counselor that has helped their child succeed, but also as a friend. She works tirelessly with parents, students, and the MEK staff to make sure every child is individually cared for, progressing, and achieving their academic goals.


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