This Week in AP Test Prep: Jan. 22-28, 2022

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This Week in AP Test Prep: Jan. 22-28, 2022

This Week in AP Test Prep:

January 22-28, 2022


Congratulations to our students for completing their first week of AP classes with MEK Review. AP courses began Saturday, January 22nd, and we are excited to kick off what we know will be a successful semester!

If you’re interested in taking AP courses with MEK, read on to see what our expert instructors have been covering in class this week as well as what’s coming up.

AP Biology:

Ms. Radhika Malhotra

This week, we covered…

Introduction to Statistics: How to read and interpret graphs and charts
Chemistry of Life: The first foundational unit of the entire AP Biology curriculum

Next week, we will be continuing to study the chemistry of life, and start our unit on cell structure and function.

AP Calculus AB:

Mr. Demir Radoncic

We started off the course with a crash course on limits, differentiation, and integration, the main concepts on which the AP Calculus AB course is based on.

Next week, we will continue to review differentiation and integration in relation different types of questions!

AP Calculus BC:

Mr. Nicholas Lang

We started the course by reviewing Sequence & Series, which we will continue to learn about next week, along with new integration methods.

AP Chemistry:

Mr. Nicholas Lang

We started the course by reviewing Acids & Bases, which we will continue to learn about next week, along with applications of thermodynamics.

AP Physics 1:

Mr. Minjae Park

In AP Physics 1, we covered basics, quantities, and kinematics, topics that are essential to understanding the rest of the AP Physics 1 curriculum.

Next week, we will be covering dynamics, applying the topics we covered this week.

Getting Started

Even though our AP classes already started, it’s not too late to register! Courses are available to join until Saturday, March 5th. Check out our AP programs page to see all of our course offerings. Our expert instructors can help your child ace their AP classes and earn a 5 on the exam in May. Contact us today  for more information!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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