Virtual Courses: Learning that Gets Results

Virtual Courses: Learning that Gets Results

Help your child get top grades, top test scores, and get into top colleges with our virtual classes!

Our Virtual Courses

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How it Works

We use a combination of Zoom education platform, Wacom tablets, Google Classroom, and Kami to provide an interactive, engaging, and highly effective virtual class settings.

Whether students registers for one-on-one tutoring or a group class, here’s what they can expect:

Google Classroom page

They will have access to a Google Classroom page where they can

  • message their teacher private and conveniently at any time
  • locate any important links, tests, assignments, notes, or resources
  • easily manage their schedule, due dates, and assignments

Zoom Education platform

They will have access to a Zoom meeting link, which they will click to join their virtual session. During the session, they will

  • be able to see and hear their classmates and teacher
  • be able to speak, raise their hand, ask questions, and participate in discussions
  • observe their teacher’s work on his/her Wacom tablet (just like watching a teacher write on a chalkboard)

Unlike most virtual learning which is passive, boring, and isolating, our students get to participate, have fun, and get results through the interactive nature of our Zoom sessions. 

MEK Student Login 

Students and parents can also easily access test, homework, and quiz grades through our student portal. MEK provides an individual Student ID and password, so parents and students can track their progress every step of the way! 

In the student portal, students and parents can also view their class schedule.


Our virtual classes lead students to success. We guarantee high quality classes, expert teachers, and proven strategies for boosting academic skills.

Here what some of our students have had to say about our virtual classes when completing an anonymous survey:

“I genuinely think this is an incredible investment. The class has helped me tremendously. I improved my scores and can’t wait to keep improving.” 
-Virtual SAT 1400 student


“The course boosted my score from a mid-1200 to a consistent 1500+ and I’m very satisfied with that.”
-Virtual SAT 1500 student


“MEK is a lot more inclusive with virtual learning and makes class feel like a real classroom as much as possible.”
-Virtual High School Honors Geometry student


“It feels like an actual class. We are very active with each other and the students are very friendly too.”
-Virtual Exam Prep 8 student

Join a Course

You can join a virtual course today by calling 855-346-1410 or contacting us here. We can’t wait to hear from you!
MEK Review

MEK Review is the top learning center in North Jersey, dedicated to helping students of all ages begin an incredible success story. With our guidance, students have gained acceptances into the best schools in the country, earned top test scores, prepared for difficult admission tests, and transformed into their best selves in the classroom. To find your perfect solution, explore our programs or book your free consultation with an expert counselor!


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