MEK Review Brings Virtual Learning & On-site Testing to Fall 2020

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MEK Review Brings Virtual Learning & On-site Testing to Fall 2020

On July 20, MEK Review will be launching our Fall 2020 course promotion! Parents and students will be able to download our course catalog and begin registering for classes.

One big change will be the addition of on-site testing to our campus in Closter, New Jersey.

This campus is currently undergoing major renovations to ensure the safety of all students, parents, and staff as we partially re-open our campus doors.

Here are all the details on Fall 2020:

Virtual Learning

For the safety and convenience of all students, MEK Review will continue to offer virtual learning all throughout fall for classes and tutoring.

These courses will include:

Unlike other virtual courses, our students don’t just passively watch a lecture!

Instead, our virtual courses include:

  • Zoom Education meetings with student video and audio. Students can ask questions, raise their hand, and have discussion with their teacher and classmates.
  • Interactive and engaging lessons, so students are fully-involved in the class.
  • Online platforms where students can access class materials, message their teacher for help, and turn in assignments in one convenient location.
  • Student Log-in for students and parents to check their schedules and view their graded assignments.

On-site Testing

In addition to virtual class, students in  test prep courses will come to our Closter Campus to take practice tests.

Our on-site testing offers:

  • A quiet testing environment that simulates an official test-day atmosphere
  • A professionally proctored, timed test that ensures students follow the guidelines and structures of a real test
  • An enclosed area where students can safely take the test away from other students
  • A renovated campus design to ensure students are in a healthy and safe environment

This environment offers enormous benefits for our test prep students!

Students who take on-site testing:

  • Practice like “it’s the real thing”: Quick and huge score improvements come from students getting to practice tests in an environment that simulates the real test-day experience. Students learn to master test-taking anxiety, manage their time, and build mental endurance quickly and effectively.


  • Focus their minds: College and high school admissions tests require a great deal of focus and concentration. The environment of on-site testing puts students in the right mindset, so they can do their best every time. By comparison, taking a test at home in your pajamas while your little sister pops in-and-out of the room every 10 minutes, just can’t compete.


  • Get accurate results: When students are taking a test on-site, they can’t give themselves an extra 30 seconds to bubble in answers, Google a word they don’t know, or return to a section that is over. And that is a benefit! Their practice tests accurately reflect their current skills and abilities, so their teacher can more efficiently boost their scores.

Next Steps for MEK Review

We will continue to find safe, effective, and innovative ways to help your child achieve their academic ambitions. We look forward to sharing even more plans for changes in the future (such as changes to our Palisade Park Campus and on-site tutoring options)!

On July 20th, we will release our Fall 2020 Course Catalog, and you can start registering for classes!

Feel free to contact us here or call 855-346-1410 with questions.

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