Why Your College Essay is So Important


The most important thing colleges look at to determine acceptance is your grades. The next thing they look at is your test scores. After that, they look at your activities, awards, and college essay.

So why is the college essay so important? Especially, if it’s the third thing they look at among other parts of your application? Why not just write a quick essay that shows off your vocabulary, lists your community service projects, and be done with it?

That is the worst thing you can do! In fact, it might just cost you your acceptance letter.

Ivy League admission rates are less than 10%. Harvard and Princeton are at 5% and 4%. Yet, the amount of students who apply to these top schools continue to grow. Those students are likely to also have top grades and high test scores.

Your essay is what can help you stand out from thousands of other students. Your essay is what can get you in.

Your college essay is the only part of the application process completely within your control. It is your chance to show college admission officers who you really are, what you are passionate about, and what you have to offer their campus. It’s your chance to be memorable.

And yet, so many top performers create some of the most boring and predictable essays.

As MEK’s expert college counselor Brigitte Chang puts it, “the majority of students have no clue how to write a narrative.” It is a new style of writing for students, so they end up boring college admission officers to tears with a forgettable or sometimes even obnoxious essay.

However, if you can craft a personal, well-thought out essay that shows the college what makes you unique and interesting, your essay could be the thing that sets you apart from other applicants.

That’s why MEK offers our Application Essay Writing program. At MEK, you will have experienced teachers and counselors who guide you through writing your college essays – helping you craft an idea, reviewing your rough drafts, and giving you feedback based on their significant expertise. We will not only help you complete a polished Common Application or Coalition Application essay but will also you with your supplementary essays.

Ultimately, we will show you how to write an interesting essay, avoids clichés, and showcase your unique qualities.

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