MEK’s AP Exam Prep FAQ

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MEK’s AP Exam Prep FAQ

MEK’s AP Exam Prep FAQ

Spring at MEK is all about AP Exam Prep. This semester, we’re offering small group virtual and in-person classes and private tutoring designed to give students the strategies and skills to ace their challenging AP classes and earn a 5 on the AP exam in May.

Read on to learn the answers to all of your frequently asked questions and get to know MEK’s AP Exam Prep Program!

What is MEK’s AP Exam Prep Program?

MEK’s AP Exam Prep Program is a specialized set of AP classes that combine content mastery and test-taking strategies, so your child will score a 5 on the exam in May.

But isn’t that what my child is learning in their AP class currently?

Yes and no.

The CollegeBoard curriculum for each AP course is robust and rigorous. While there is time in the class schedule to learn content skills, oftentimes students don’t learn the essential test-taking strategies that are their own set of skills.

Therefore, MEK’s AP Exam Prep Program gives students complete test prep experience they won’t find in their traditional AP classes.

How many students are in an MEK AP class?

Whereas other tutoring centers have an unlimited class size for virtual, live courses, MEK caps our student rosters for live, virtual AP classes at 15. 

This ensures that students are getting the necessary support and attention from their instructor that leads to major progress toward scoring goals.

What will my child receive as part of their MEK AP Exam Prep course?

Our AP curriculum is aligned with each specific AP exam and with the CollegeBoard objectives for skill mastery. Throughout their AP course with MEK, students will receive:

  • Instant grading on exams and assignments with specific feedback for improvement
  • Writing Instruction for Open Ended and Free Response Questions
  • Expert instruction from teachers with over 1000 hours per year of AP course instruction
  • Simulated AP Practice Exams 

Do I have to pay extra for AP Practice Exams?

No! Every AP Exam Prep courses includes FREE AP Practice Exams, unlike other test prep centers that make you pay for this service.

With MEK, you’re child will get a real test day experience, so they know exactly what to expect when exam day comes. Tests are professionally proctored and administered in a timed environment to help your child build the confidence and mindset to combat testing anxiety and fatigue.

How do instructors ensure student progress?

Every four weeks, students take a cumulative AP Exam that tests their knowledge built during classes to that point. Students then meet with a counselor, virtually or in-person, to discuss their exam score, review their progress, and make a plan for next steps.

What courses are currently open for enrollment?

MEK has a variety of in-person and live, virtual courses for enrollment this semester! Check out our course list below:

In-Person Courses

AP Chemistry | Saturdays, 10:30am
AP Calculus BC | Tuesdays, 6:30pm

Live Virtual Courses

AP English Language & Composition | Tuesdays, 6:30pm
AP U.S. History | Wednesdays, 6:30pm
AP Calculus BC | Wednesdays, 6:30pm
AP Biology | Fridays, 6:30pm
AP Physics 1 | Saturdays, 9:00am
AP Chemistry | Saturdays, 2:00pm

What is the course schedule?

AP courses are 2 hours long, once a week for 15 sessions leading up to exam day.

The AP Exam Prep Program for Spring 2024 has already started. Can my child still join?

Yes! These courses are still open for registration. You can fill out our registration form to get started or call us at +1 (855) 346-1410 to start the enrollment process.

We will provide your child with all previous materials and lecture recordings they may have missed, so they’ll be right up to speed with their class!

Next Steps

Although AP courses are tough and may seem intimidating at first, a solid study plan and good study habits can help students get high grades and ace the exams.  

Many AP teachers focus on only the course material, leaving students underprepared for the actual 2-3 hour exam. At MEK, we take a two-pronged approach to AP Prep. Through providing students with both lectures by experienced teachers and practice exams, students gain a solid understanding of the material and learn test-taking skills to maintain their performance under time pressure.

Click here to learn more about our AP Course offerings for Spring 2024!

Interested in registering for AP courses with MEK? Fill out our Registration Form to get started.

Or if you have questions, contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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