MEK Learning Circles: Webinar Recap

MEK Learning Circles: Webinar Recap

This past January, MEK Review hosted a series of free, virtual webinars about our MEK Learning Circles. We had a great turn out for the event and want to thank all who attended and participated. 

We discussed the benefits of our MLC-Advanced and MLC-Standard programs, shared valuable resources, and gave expert advice to our attendees.

If you were unable to attend, don’t worry!

Here is a quick recap of what you missed and the best next steps to take:

1. What lies beyond the classroom?

If your child is currently earning straight A’s in their middle school courses, then you might be wondering what more there is for them to achieve. But straight A‘s are just one of the many building blocks of future success.

MEK uses a process driven approach to learning. We know that every little step counts and that each step builds on the one before it. For example, getting straight A‘s and doing well on the NJSLA are the first steps to succeeding on the tough high school admissions tests. Succeeding on the high school admissions tests is an important step in succeeding in high school courses. These steps then lead to success on the SAT and, ultimately, creating a strong college admissions portfolio.

That’s why a strong foundation in middle school is essential.

2. What is CCSS?

CCSS, or Common Core State Standards, are a series of grade appropriate learning goals that are determined by the state. These goals outline the skills and abilities that the state considers necessary for a well-rounded education in Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA). Students are assessed through a combination of their classroom grades and a yearly exam called the NJSLA to show mastery of CCSS learning goals.

The NJSLA, or New Jersey State Learning Assessment, tests for the following skills:

English: ReadingEnglish: WritingMathematics
Literary TextWritten ExpressionMajor Content
Informative TextKnowledge of Language and CompositionAdditional and Supporting Content
VocabularyExpressing Mathematical Reasoning
Modeling and Application

3. Where will CCSS skills take you?

Many current 7th grade students are starting to think about applying to top high schools. But no matter where you end up applying, every school from BCA to private boarding and day high schools require you to take an entrance exam.

The ISEE and SSAT are two major exams that students can choose between when they are applying to private boarding and day schools. This includes Dwight-Englewood on the more local level, and Lawrenceville or Philips Andover on the national boarding school level.

Below is an example of an ISEE score report that shows the different objectives that are tested on the exam:

ISEE Score Report

The ISEE score report may seem like it tests a wide variety of different concepts and skills. But the skills and concepts are similar to the CCSS objectives as shown in the image below.


4. Where will advanced study skills take you?

Advanced Math skills lead to:

  • The ability to apply math concepts to real-world and practical applications.
  • An easy transition into applied math disciplines, such as pure sciences like biology and chemistry and applied sciences like engineering and robotics.
  • Enjoying math and being open to more challenge!

Advanced English skills lead to:

  • The ability to form opinions and perspectives on reading and spoken content, such as books, news articles, and podcasts.
  • Less effort spent on reading or listening, and more effort spent on understanding, perceiving, and forming opinions.
  • A genuine enjoyment of reading! 

Advanced Study skills lead to:

  • Better time management skills.
  • Strong critical reasoning skills.
  • Confident communication skills!

5. How can our MLC Program help your child succeed?

Our MLC Program’s key philosophy is to teach students to be lifelong learners. Classroom success is achievable with foundational knowledge and practice. But when students succeed beyond the classroom, they become effective listeners, readers, writers, and speakers. They learn because they love learning rather than learning just to complete the next assignment.

As we said earlier, the MEK approach to learning is process based. Take a look at the info graphic below to see how MEK leads your child to success at every step of their academic journey!

MLC Info Graphic

To learn more detailed information about our MLC-Advanced program, check out our blogs for MLC-Advanced Verbal Reasoning, MLC-Advanced English, and MLC-Advanced Math.

Getting Started

This is just a glimpse at everything we covered at the webinar! But if you want to register for our MLC Program, the first step is signing up for an evaluation.

MEK’s student evaluation is carefully designed to align with the Common Core State Standards, while also testing student’s abilities to challenge themselves. Based on your child’s score, we place them in the program that best fits their needs and goals. And set them up with an individualized plan for success!

Contact us today to get started! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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