Letter From MEK Review’s Founder, Mr. Gunn Ahn

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Letter From MEK Review’s Founder, Mr. Gunn Ahn

How MEK Review is Leading The Way During The Coronavirus Crisis

Dear Parents and Students,

The COVID-19 outbreak is serious and troubling, and at MEK Review, we are vigilantly watching the development of this pandemic.

As the founder and headmaster of MEK Review, I’ve had the pleasure of working with parents and students for over 20 years. This crisis has served as a great reminder of the main reason I began this company — to care for the well-being and future of students.

I’d like to personally share how MEK Review has proactively responded to the crisis, and how we are working hard to help students achieve their dreams, even through this difficult time.

We Believe in Student-First, Always.

Two weeks ago, MEK Review decided to preemptively close all on-site classes and tutoring twelve hours before the first NJ public schools made the same decision. We made this difficult decision precisely to ensure the safety and well-being of our students.

Public and private schools eventually began to close their doors as well, a giant change that interrupted the education of our community’s students.

Many schools now offer remote and electronic schoolwork. However, this often consists of uploading assignments for students to submit. There is little interaction or engagement between teacher and student, a key element to real learning.

Whether your child is a 6th grader or 11th grader, they only experience this current semester once in their life – one that is full of important educational milestones and developments.

While much is uncertain, we know that once this crisis ends, your child’s education must go on. It’s important that this interruption doesn’t disrupt your child’s academic journey and goals.

Our Successful Launch of Virtual Classes

In this difficult time, we are proud for MEK Review to step up and continue serving the families in our community.

Virtual options are now available for our one-on-one tutoringMEK Learning Circles, as well as College Test Prep solutions.

We are currently using Zoom for Education, a wonderful platform that allows our teachers and students to meet online either individually or in group settings, to review materials, learn lessons, and ask and answer questions just as they did in the classroom.

Our teachers also employ Wacom Tablets so they can demonstrate how to solve various math and word problems. It appears for students on their screens, the same as if watching teachers use a classroom chalkboard.

Students engage with teachers, quickly apply knowledge, and receive immediate feedback. They receive their work electronically, easily submit their completed work online, and continue receiving MEK’s detailed signature score reports.

With our virtual classrooms, we are excited to have launched a new experience that faithfully follows MEK’s proven framework of active, hands-on learning.

The Way Forward

No one knows how long this situation will last, or how it will impact your child’s future academic path.

But here is what we do know: the best way to be ready is to prepare. And preparation is what MEK Review is all about.

We are ready to help you prepare. We are ready to be a constant resource for parents and children. We are ready to use our years of expertise to guide you during this time, and make sure your child continues to academically thrive, no matter what comes.

We are ready and here for you.

Keep safe. Keep healthy. Keep learning.

Best Regards,

Gunn Ahn

Gunn Ahn

Gunn Ahn is the founder and headmaster of MEK Review. For over 20 years, he has designed innovative, proven programs that guide students to academic excellence in the classroom, in high school test prep, and in college test prep.


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